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Pramod Premi – Biography, Wiki, Age, Song, New Movie, And Wife

Pramod Premi, also known as the “Melody Maestro of Bhojpuri Music,” is a renowned Bhojpuri singer and songwriter. With his soulful voice and captivating melodies, he has carved a niche for himself in the vibrant world of Bhojpuri music.

Pramod Premi Bhojpuri Singer Biography
NamePramod Premi Yadav
NicknamePramod Premi
Born on7 May 1992
Pramod Premi HometownArrah, Bihar
Pramod Premi FatherNot Known
Pramod Premi MotherNot Known
Pramod Premi WifeN/A
UniversityArra College, Bihar
Marital StatusUnmarried

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Pramod Prem Yadav alias Pramod Premi, who made his name in the Bhojpuri industry on the basis of his singing, was born in a poor Yadav family in a small village of Arrah district, and he is a well-known and famous Bhojpuri singer. He is one of the famous Bhojpuri singers, and even today the Bhojpuri audience likes him more not for his Bhojpuri films but for his Bhojpuri songs.

And even today he is one of the most famous singers of Bhojpuri, and today his songs are heard in many states. Pramod Premi, born in a small rural area, has achieved a distinct name for himself in the Bhojpuri world. If we talk about his education, he is one of the educated stars of Bhojpuri. He has completed his studies till graduation.

Early Life

Pramod Premi was born into a musically inclined family, which greatly influenced his interest in music from an early age. He was exposed to traditional Bhojpuri folk songs and classical music during his formative years, which laid the foundation for his musical journey. His innate talent for singing became evident as he started participating in local cultural events and competitions.

Musical Career

Pramod Premi’s breakthrough moment came when he released his debut album, “Bhola Ji Ke Jai Bol Bam,” which garnered immense popularity in the Bhojpuri-speaking regions of India. The album’s success propelled him into the limelight, and he quickly became a sought-after name in the Bhojpuri music industry.

Over the years, Pramod Premi has released numerous hit albums, including “Ae Driver Babu,” “Pardes Me Batawe Karejwa,” and “Bhaiya Ke Saali Odhaniya Wali.” His songs are known for their catchy tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and his mesmerizing voice, which has the power to captivate listeners.

Pramod Premi’s contribution to Bhojpuri music extends beyond just singing. He has also experimented with various musical genres, including folk, classical, and modern, and has successfully blended them to create a unique musical identity. His live performances have garnered a massive fan following, with audiences eagerly awaiting his shows.

Pramod Premi Personal Life & Family

If we talk about his personal life and family, apart from his parents, he has many other brothers and sisters in his family. And Pramod Premi is not married yet.

Pramod Premi Bhojpuri career

If we talk about his acting and singing career, then he started his career with Maja Me Saaja in the year 2015, and started his acting career with the Bhojpuri film “Border Par Sajni Hamar” in the year 2017. . Since then he has never looked back, and till now he has given many Bhojpuri albums and films for the Bhojpuri industry. Some of which are given below.

pramod premi yadav movie list

  • Munna Mawali
  • Kehu Ba Deewana Naihar Me
  • Chana Jor Garam
  • Super King Don Hu, Jamai Raja,
  • Premi Autowala

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