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If you also prepare for SSC CGL UPSC or any other general competition, then you must have read the book of Rakesh Yadav sir (Rakesh Yadav sir) at some point, and apart from this Even if you prepare for all this online, you must have seen Rakesh Yadav sir’s video on YouTube at some point or the other. So in such a situation, there must have been a desire in your mind to know about the life of Rakesh Yadav sir.

Rakesh Yadav sir biography in Hindi: Rakesh Yadav sir, who ruled the students preparing for SSC, CGL, and General Competition, was born on 24 September 1971 in Rewari district of Haryana, He is one of the most famous online teachers in India whose videos are well-liked by Indian students.

Rakesh Yadav sir Family

On the other hand, if we talk about Rakesh Yadav’s family, then his father’s name is Ashish Yadav who was working in the police department, and apart from this, his mother’s name is Anjana Yadav who is a housewife, And Rakesh Yadav sir’s wife’s name is Seema. Yadav (Rakesh Yadav sir wife).

Rakesh Yadav sir education

On the other hand, if we talk about the education of Rakesh Yadav sir, then he has completed his elementary schooling at the government school of his own village and after that, he has completed his graduation with a ‘B.Sc (Math Honors) from Haryana University. After that, he joined coaching institutes in Delhi to prepare for his government job, and after that, he worked as a math teacher at Delhi School.

online and offline coaching of Rakesh Yadav sir

Rakesh Yadav gives online coaching classes to students through his youtube channel and his career wheel application. And apart from this, his offline coaching institute is located in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi where he gives coaching classes to children in offline mode.

Rakesh Yadav Sir’s Education App CareerWill App

If you also do not have any information about Rakesh Yadav sir’s online education application CareerWill App, then for your information, Let’s tell that If you prepare for SSC CGL or any general competition, And If you want online classes from Rakesh Yadav sir, then for this you have to download their application CareerWill App in your mobile. And after that, you can read online with the help of this application from Rakesh Yadav sir sitting at your home.

By the way, this app was started 4 years ago in the year 2018. And till now more than 1 million people have downloaded this application on their mobile from the Google play store only.

And by studying with the help of this application, thousands of children have got their names in government jobs.

Rakesh Yadav sir book list

If you want to prepare for any government job online and offline by reading the book of Rakesh Yadav sir then you can use the following book of Rakesh Yadav sir which you will get both online and offline.

1.Rakesh yadav math book

If you are looking for a maths book for a general competition then you can buy the maths book of Rakesh Yadav sir and with the help of this maths book, you can easily prepare maths for general competition.

2.rakesh yadav advance math

On the other hand, if you are looking for Rakesh Yadav Sir’s Advance Mathematics Book (rakesh yadav advance math), then you can easily order it online with the help of Amazon and Flipkart.


3.Rakesh yadav reasoning book

If you are preparing for General Competition and in such a situation you are looking for the best reasoning book, then you can use Rakesh Yadav Reasoning Book for this which you will easily get in any offline shop.

And you can easily prepare for reasoning thorough by reading Rakesh Yadav’s Reasoning Book.

4.Rakesh yadav arithmetic book

On the other hand, if you are looking for a good book for arithmetic, then Rakesh Yadav Arithmetic Book (Rakesh yadav arithmetic book) can be a great option for you, with the help of which you can easily prepare for Arithmetic.

Rakesh Yadav’s Social Media Platform

On the other hand, if you want to follow Rakesh Yadav sir on his social media platform (Rakesh Yadav social media account) then you can reach his official social media platform by clicking on the link given below.

Facebook – CareerWill 176 k
Instragram – Careerwill app 255 k
Youtube – Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication 3.65 m

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