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Rakesh Yadav Sir – Biography, Wiki, Age, Book List, Wife, And Net Worth

A teacher is the true guide in the life of a student. It is only a teacher who helps the student to reach the heights of success in his life and shows him the way to judge right and wrong in life. A good teacher is one who treats all his students equally.

One such teacher is Rakesh Yadav Sir who rules the hearts of millions of students. Rakesh Yadav sir’s style of teaching is so simple and different that the students like it very much.

Rakesh Yadav Biography
Full Name Rakesh Yadav
Date of Birth 24 September 1971
Birthplace Mandothi, Haryana, India
Current AdressMukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, India
Rakesh Yadav Father Name Ashish Yadav
Mother’s Name Anjana Yadav
Famous As Youtube Teacher (SCC, CGL, CHSL, RAILWAY)
Education Master
Rakesh Yadav age49 Years
Nationality Indian
Rakesh Yadav Sir WifeSeema Yadav
Child two daughters
Religion Hindu
Rakesh Yadav Youtube Channel Rakesh Yadav Maths
Rakesh Yadav AppsCareerwill
Rakesh Yadav Sir coaching

Rakesh Yadav sir Biography

Rakesh Yadav sir, one of the famous math teachers of India, was born on 24 September 1971 in Mandothi, Haryana, India, and he started his teaching career 15 years ago. And at present he has published many books for preparation of Maths and General Competitions.

And apart from this, he has millions of followers on many YouTube channels and thousands of students are also associated with him in careerwill application.

Rakesh Yadav sir Family

On the other hand, if we talk about Rakesh Yadav’s family, then his father’s name is Ashish Yadav who was working in the police department, and apart from this, his mother’s name is Anjana Yadav who is a housewife, And Rakesh Yadav sir’s wife’s name is Seema. Yadav (Rakesh Yadav sir wife).

Rakesh Yadav sir FatherAnjana Yadav
Rakesh Yadav sir MotherSeema. Yadav

Rakesh Yadav sir Wife

If we talking about Rakesh Yadav Sir’s personal life and his wife, then his wife’s name is Seema Yadav and he has two children.

Rakesh Yadav sir WifeSeema Yadav
Rakesh Yadav sir DaughterTwo Daughter
Rakesh Yadav sir Wife
Rakesh Yadav sir Wife

Rakesh Yadav sir education

Rakesh Yadav completed his education from a government primary school in Haryana and completed his B.Sc degree in Mathematics from Haryana University.

Rakesh Yadav sir Coaching

Rakesh Yadav gives online coaching classes to students through his YouTube channel and his career wheel application. And apart from this, his offline coaching institute is located in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi where he gives coaching classes to children in offline mode.

Rakesh Yadav Sir’s Careerwill App

Rakesh Yadav Sir, a well-known mathematics teacher, has been teaching students for the last 15 years. Let us tell you that Rakesh Yadav sir had launched Careerwill App in the year 2018 to educate the children living in remote areas of the country who are unable to reach them.

So far, more than 70 lakh students have studied through this app. Rakesh Yadav Sir’s coaching classes have helped more than 10 thousand students in getting government jobs every year in the last 3 years. Till now, more than 50 lakh people have downloaded the Career Will app from Play Store.

Rakesh Yadav sir book list

If you want to prepare for any government job online and offline by reading the book of Rakesh Yadav sir then you can use the following book of Rakesh Yadav sir which you will get both online and offline.

  • Rakesh Yadav Sir’s 7300+ Quick General Studies
  • Advance maths for General Competitions (English)
  • SSC Advance Maths (English)
  • Advance Maths (Hindi)

Rakesh Yadav sir Net Worth

Rakesh Sir has multiple sources of income and most of his income comes from selling books and courses. He sells his books online on ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart at a price of Rs 100 to Rs 500. Rakesh Yadav sir’s net worth in Indian Rupees is Rs 7,00,00,000 and his monthly income is Rs 14 -15 lakh.

Rakesh Yadav sir Net Worth7 Crores (APPROX)

Rakesh Yadav sir

Rakesh Yadav’s Social Media Platform

If We talking About the official Yadav sir Social Media Platform then, his Official social media platform (Rakesh Yadav’s social media account) then you can reach his official social media platform by clicking on the link given below.

Rakesh Yadav sir Facebook CareerWill 176 k
Rakesh Yadav sir InstragramCareerwill app 255 k
Rakesh Yadav sir YoutubeRakesh Yadav maths


Q. Who is Rakesh Yadav sir?

Ans: Rakesh Yadav sir is a famous mathematics teacher of India who is known for teaching children both online and offline, and also has publications of many books in his name.

Q. Who owns Careerwille?

Ans: The owner of Careerwille is Rakesh Yadav Sir, one of the famous math teachers of India and he started this application around the year 2020.

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