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Avadh Ojha – Biography, Wiki, Sir, Salary, coaching, And Net Worth

If you are active on social media, then you must have heard about the famous teacher Avadh Ojha, who teaches students preparing for UPSC. His videos keep being shared on social media. Today people know him in every corner of the country. Before helping students prepare for UPSC, Awadh sir himself had also prepared for UPSC.

Avadh Ojha Biography
Full Name Awadh Pratap Ojha
Date of Birth 3 July 1984
Birthplace Gonda District, Uttar Pradesh
Avadh Ojha Father Name soon
Mother’s Name Updated soon
Famous As Youtube Teacher (UPSC)
Education Graduations
Avadh Ojha age38 Years
Nationality Indian
Avadh Ojha Sir WifeManjira Ojha
Child 3 (Pihu, Bulbul and Gungun)
Religion Hindu
Youtube Channel Ray Avadh Ojha
Avadh Ojha Sir coachingIQRA IAS

Avadh Ojha Sir biography

Ray Avadh Ojha was born on 3 July 1984 in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. His father was in the post office and his mother was an advocate. He was a normal student in studies or we can say that he was not interested in studies. His life changed completely after coming to Allahabad. A friend brought two forms from Allahabad University. I sat for the entrance exam and a boy answered all the questions and got admission.

Avadh Ojha Sir’s Family & Children

Ojha Sir is married on 1 May 2007 to Manjira Ojha (Awadh OjhaWife) , who has also belongs to Uttar Pradesh, and has three children, named Pihu Bulbul and Gungun.

Avadh Ojha Wife Manjira Ojha
Avadh Ojha Children Pihu Bulbul and Gungun

Avadh Ojha sir education

Awadh Ojha Sir completed his early schooling education at Fatimah School in his Gonda district, and after that, he completed his studies to graduate from the same city. And after that, he has prepared for UPSC for many years, but he could never completely clear the UPSC exam, and after that, he stopped preparing and started teaching the UPSC students.

Avadh Ojha sir UPSC

Ray Avadh Ojha says that while graduating from Allahabad University, he had no knowledge about UPSC but all his friends living with him were preparing for UPSC. So he took the UPSC exam but not a single attempt was cleared.

He explains that the reason behind his not being successful is his lack of basic knowledge. Awadh says that if any student wants success then it is most important that his basics are clear.

Avadh Ojha sir coaching career

At present, almost every student preparing for UPSC knows Avadh Ojha. He is teaching more than a thousand students every day in online-offline mode. He has reached here after 22 years of struggle.

And After the failure in UPSC, decided not to do the job. Regarding starting UPSC coaching, Awadh said that after being thrown out of the house, he got a chance to teach history in a coaching class. But I didn’t know how to teach. However, I gave coaching here and this is how teaching started. And he said that the children liked his way of teaching. In the year 2005, he came to Delhi and opened UPSC coaching in Mukherjee Nagar.

How IQRA coaching started

Ojha sir has also done two jobs at the same time. He said that at one time the sources of money stopped. There was no money to pay coaching and house rent. The marriage had also taken place and there was a lot of burden on my head. Worked as a bartender at night for seven months and taught children during the day. However, gradually recognition started coming from here.

Whereas, regarding IQRA coaching in Pune, he said that a student working in Dubai has decided to become an IAS in 2016-17. He left the job and came back but did not clear UPSC. After this, I advised him to open coaching. In this way this coaching center opened.

Avadh Ojha sir Unacademy Join

Ojha will teach exclusively at the Unacademy Center for UPSC, and his classes will be available to students through the online Unacademy platform. He will be an expert in teaching history and advising UPSC learners.

Avadh Ojha Sir YouTube Career

If we talk about Awadh Ojha sir’s YouTube career, he did not officially start his YouTube channel. Firstly, when he was teaching at Iqra Institute, one of his students recorded his video and uploaded it on YouTube. Which had gone viral.

After that, many students of his own institute recorded the video of his teaching and uploaded it on YouTube, after which all those videos started going viral. After that he started his own YouTube channel Ray Avadh Ojha on 28 April 2020.

Avadh Ojha official YouTube Channel Ray Avadh Ojha

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Q. Who is Avadh Ojha Sir?

Ans: Avadh Ojha Sir is a famous history teacher of India who is currently known for teaching history in Unacademy institute.

Q. Where is Avadh Ojha Sir from?

Ans: Avadh Ojha Sir is originally from Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh.

Q. What is the name of Awadh Ojha Sir’s coaching institute?

Ans: Presently the name of Awadh Ojha Sir’s coaching institute is Unacademy whereas earlier he used to teach at IQRA Institute, Pune.

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